Petit Monkey

Petit Monkey makes happy


Dutch brand Petit Monkey creates fanciful home accessories and must haves for children. The collection is inspired by the colorful children's universe and created in collaboration with famous illustrators. The results are beautiful prints and illustrations that speak to the imagination.
Petit Monkey posters, tableware, backpacks and lunchboxes, toys, kids room decor and posters and post cards. 

Why Petit Monkey?

Petit Monkey makes happy! That's the most important reason, second you can order your bestseller from our stock and you don't need to preorder new collections. Our focus is a high turnover rate collection at reasonable prices. 
We also focus on low volume as this will become more important as the online business has grown to the top. We don't waste volume by using large useless packaging or large outer cartons as we don't want to sell "air".
We ship from stock and we pack as small as possible. Due to low volume items we maintain to keep the shipping fees low. We are not wasting additional back order transports.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

For each article we choose sustainable or renewed sources and each article is packed the best way we can by choosing recycled packing materials. Each article complies with the requirements for Europe.     

Petit Monkey established in 2013  

The need of happy articles for children and loads of buying experiences combined with online retail experience was the perfect mix for the beginning of Petit Monkey in 2013.
The first Petit Monkey collection was small with tableware and wooden nesting dolls and we are honored and happy that many of our first resellers are still representing Petit Monkey.
Through the years and after the success of the night lights Petit Monkey became a more established and reliable brand. We always focus on quality resellers for a long term relationship and we respect and appreciate our resellers.  

Petit Monkey®
Coretty Wierdsma, founder & owner